Mark McMillion, Christian speaker on the Book of Daniel

I’m Mark McMillion. I’ve made this series of videos, based on classes I’ve taught during my 36 years abroad. I’ve lived in dozens of countries, serving God there in an effort to bring His love and a knowledge of Him and His Son, Jesus, to people everywhere.

God’s Plan

One of my biggest shocks, when being changed from an active atheist to an astonished believer, was that the God of Abraham was not some distant, aloof deity. He was not only near, intimate and ready to make His will known. He also had a distinct plan and destination that mankind was destined to reach.

Bible prophecy became an anchor for me and the prophecies of Daniel became one of my most ardent interests and passions. Over the last 42 years, I’ve taught these classes to individuals, small groups, and small congregations in places as far apart as Indonesia, Ukraine, Norway, India, Brazil and Texas.

The Reason for the Videos

In 2001, while sharing these classes in Austin, Texas, I was repeatedly told by friends, “You should video these.” At length, hearing this from many people who didn’t know each other, I ended up taking it as from the Lord that it was His will to make this series of classes available via video.

I soon moved abroad again, this time to Indonesia where I spent 5 years. I was involved in humanitarian and disaster relief there and it was in Jakarta that the first two videos in the series were filmed and finished.

Because so much of my time has been spent with people to whom the marvels of God’s Word are new, these videos tend to be geared more towards those who are not highly advanced theologically. My goal is to make these visions and revelations understandable to as wide an audience as possible, even to those who may not be considered active, devout Christians.

Watch the Videos

I’ve also made a companion website to this, markmcmillion.com. This is a blog where I will be placing more personal information, classes and perhaps some commentaries on what Christian discipleship can mean and how it should see the world, in modern times.

I hope you enjoy these videos and that you will be thrilled, as I have been, at the power of God’s Word and its significance for our times.

Your friend in Him,
Mark McMillion