-The Antichrist Has Already Come?

If someone studies the book of Daniel and doesn’t have faith in God, they’ll often come up with some rather strange ideas about it. And sadly, those misunderstandings have been printed and published pretty far. The footnotes in the margins of many Bibles today teach that the book of Daniel was not written when it says it was. Or that prophecies in the book of Daniel, speaking of End Time events, were fulfilled thousands of years ago. Were they? This became personal for me.

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  1. gideon March 31, 2014 at 7:18 pm #

    Hey, GBY Mark! Its a real trick of the devil that a lot of church people believe that all the prophecies are “historically fulfilled”. My son in law is a episcopalian pk and they believe that the popes are or were the AC. What its really all about is to put the Bible off somewhere else and take away the fire . Poor guys, they have it all figured out and have put God in a nice little box! Well, they can stick their heads into the sand and just pretend that all is grand (Steppenwolf, Ostrich) but as the End Time starts to heat up and men’s hearts are failing them with fear checking out all the heavy events , maybe they’ll have to revise their interpretations! GBY bro KGFG!

  2. Crystal April 5, 2014 at 10:33 pm #

    Hi Marc, God bless you for your love and care for others in giving this important message. If you get hit with doubts most of the time you don’t know what hit you and it may just really destroy your faith and trust. To be aware that doubts may come and to know what is the cure – to go to the Word to dispel the doubts -is so very important to get ingrained in our hearts.


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