Reactions and FAQs

The young prophet Daniel with Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego

What has been the reaction to theses video classes?

Before these videos were available on line, I made them available to personal friends and ones I have known from my time abroad. Here are a few reactions to them:

“I don’t usually see in my mind the scenes in the Bible visually when I read it. So these videos especially make the experiences and visions Daniel had seem so much more understandable when I can see them this way.”
“Our students said that the subtitles on the videos helped a lot since English is not their first language.” — From Viet Nam
These videos are really very helpful and we show them to the ones who come to our house for Bible studies.” –From The Congo, Africa
It’s been difficult finding material for our kids that teach this subject without a strong political message behind it. These videos are not delivering a modern political message and they are simple enough for our kids. The visuals really help them pay attention and learn from them.”– From parents who home school their children in the US
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The prophet Daniel prays for revelation

Are you planning to do more videos?

The next video in the series is Daniel 8. An initial filming has been made but there is still work to be done. The two remaining videos I hope to do are from Daniel chapter 9. I have ideas and inspirations for many more.  I plan to post updates on these sites about progress on the next video.

Do you give live classes someplace?

At this time, no. If this does work out, I’ll aim to post my calendar of this here on the site.

Are you representing any group or denomination in doing these videos?

This project has been a personal initiative of my own. I have had numerous individuals help me along the way with these videos. But this series is not funded or organized by anyone but myself.

The prophet Daniel dreaming

What is your background and what are your personal beliefs about God, Jesus and things like that?

I was an atheist in my third year at the University of Texas at Austin when a series of experiences changed me into a very surprised believer in the God of Abraham. For 7 months I guess you could call me an ardent monotheist. I knew that God was real but I just didn’t know who Jesus was. After that I met some young Christians who were able to show me the message of Jesus and the plan of salvation from the Bible. Since then I have been an active Christian, most of the time outside the US. I have more about my life since then and my beliefs on the companion site,

Babylonian counselors from the Book of Daniel